Every day do one thing
to take care of both
your mind and your body.









Live a healthy,
rewarding life.










Relax, appreciate, be thankful
and most importantly, be happy.

Take Good Care Of Yourself.


Cleansing Your Mind With Gratitude.

As water cleanses the body, gratitude cleanses the mind.

A RN nurse friend of mine who worked the emergency room for many years once told me that 75% of the cases she witnessed in the emergency room, were directly due to dehydration. She told me that as a people, our number one health problem is that we do not drink enough water. Our body needs water to cleanse the toxins out of our daily lives.

I remember going to the doctor recently for a routine physical checkup.  I was waiting for the usual bunch of questions.  Not being an overly active person, I was waiting to get scolded for that dreaded “E” word- Exercise.  “How’s everything going for you?” my doctor would ask.  “Fine,” was my usual response.  “Tired at all?  Are you sleeping okay?”  “Well, I have noticed that I don’t seem to have the energy I usually have.” I responded, knowing what was coming next.  “Have you been exercising?”  he asked.  Oh no!  Here we go.  Think fast. Then I said,  “Well, kinda.  I’ve been really busy.”  “Uh huh,” the doctor responded.  I was sensing he was not impressed.  “How much water do you drink everyday?”  My doctor had caught me off guard.  “Well, 4-5 glasses a day, I guess.”  “How much coffee?”  “Well doc, I usually have 2-3 cups before work and maybe 2-3 cups after that?”  “How much soda do you drink?”  Huh… I had to think about that one a bit.  “I guess about 4 cans a day.  But it’s diet pop.”

At this point the doctor stopped writing on his chart, placed the chart on his lap and looked at me.  “Your filling your body full of toxins and you’re doing nothing to help your body out.  You need to start drinking enough water to help clear your body, and you need to get exercising to help your body to flush things out.  Without enough water, you blood becomes like sludge.  Drinking plenty of water helps to thin your blood out and helps it to flow better.”  I was a bit stunned by this, but remember what my nurse friend of mine had told me.  Drink more water!  My doctor went on to tell me, “Whenever you’re feeling down or are getting unexplained aches or headaches, immediately cut out whatever toxins you’re feeding your body (coffee, soda, sugar) and start drinking water.  Don’t be surprised if your energy level improves and your aches begin to go away.”

There are many similarities to water and gratitude.  When your mind is racing and it’s becoming hard to focus on what’s at hand, stop and remove all thoughts from your mind (just like removing coffee, pop and sugar from your diet), and begin to see everything happening to you with gratitude.  Things are happening to you for a reason.  What is that reason?  “Thank you for the gift of now.”  We forget that the world is perfect.  It is when we attempt to control the world around us that we introduce stress into our lives. As with water being introduced into your physical body, gratitude begins to relax and cleanse your mind.  It helps you to refocus your mind on what’s important- and what’s not.

Health is both mind and body related.  You can have a healthy body, but live with a cluttered mind.  Daily, you need to take care of both your mind and body.  Start everyday with gratitude.  “Thank you for this day.  Thank you for family and friends.  Thank you for all the good things that are going to happen to me today.”  Quiet your mind for five minutes and feel the peace of life come over you. 

What you eat today, becomes how you feel tomorrow.

What your physical body is today and how you feel at this moment, is the result of what you have eaten previously.  Eating processed, high-carb foods, tires the body out and can lead to obesity and disease. These foods also create cravings for more of the same, putting your body into an unhealthy cycle of feeding and fatigue.

Toxins in your body and diet lead to disease, heart attacks, obesity and fatigue. The best way to get rid of these tiring toxins is to not put these toxins into your body in the first place. Eating natural, unprocessed foods gives your body energy without the penalties of cravings and fatigue. 

Some Foods That Can Help You

Water, Green Tea
Whole Grain Breads
Fruits & Vegetables
Sweet Potatoes
Green Leafy Salads
Lean Meats
Skim Milk
Wasa Crackers
Organic Foods
Negative Calorie Foods
Some Foods To Avoid

Sodas, Diet Sodas, Lattes
White Processed Flour
(White Bread, Donuts, Muffins)
Sugar, Salt, Trans Fats
Chemical Additives
Sugary Salad Dressings
Fatty Meats
Whole Milk
Ice Cream
Potato Chips, Snack Chips
Pesticide Covered Foods
Calorie Dense Foods

Watch your portion size. If you're concerned about eating too much while at a restaurant, have a healthy salad with a low calorie dressing or an appetizer.  Most of today's appetizers are the correct portion size for an entire meal.  Another good way of measuring portions is to try not to exceed 2 handfuls of food per meal.

And always remember, "the later, the lighter."  Eat your big meals early in the day, and the lightest meals later in the day.  Try not to eat anything 4 hours before bedtime. If you are hungry close to bedtime, try a negative calorie food.  Negative calorie foods take more energy from your body to consume than the calories contained in the food, resulting in a net calorie loss from the body.

Negative Calorie Foods

green cabbage
celery root
celery chicory
hot chili peppers
garden cress
green beans
lemon mango
pineapple raspberries
lamb's lettuce

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